Kudzu is a non-linear adventure about a man trying to save his mentor from a world-eating plant!

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You are Max, the apprentice gardener, who discovers that his mentor, Zoen, has mysteriously wandered into the nearby kudzu field. Dangerous creatures await including snakes, bugs, angry flowers, and numerous other hazards.

Kudzu is a game in early development set to be released in 2021 (please pardon the bugs and missing features!) It will be playable in browser, on Game Boy, and on the Analogue Pocket.


  • Explore ruined fields, gardens, forests, villas, and mountains. 
  • Master a variety of gardening tools to clear your path including the machete, hoe, and rake!
  • Meet weird and helpful characters!
  • Fight the twisted creatures lurking in the kudzu, such as snakes, bugs, rats, snails, and ghosts!
  • Solve treacherous puzzles!
  • Play Kudzu in browser or on Game Boy (will be distributed as a ROM file compatible with Game Boy emulators and flashable to a Game Boy cartridge.)