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Dead Man’s Trail is a zombie adventure game for PC, Mac, and Linux that takes old-school survival game mechanics and puts them in a blender with classic zombie fiction to make a bloody cocktail of suspense. Your team members are core to your progress through randomly generated cross-country journeys, each having a unique role to play with their own strengths and weaknesses: firearm expert, melee expert, paramedic, mechanic, and others! Will you survive the long zombie-infested wilderness and reach the safe zone? Will you keep your companions happy and healthy or will they go crazy with the stress of the apocalpyse? Will you die of dysentery? You make those calls in Dead Man's Trail.


Development on Dead Man's Trail began in 2012. Pie For Breakfast Founder Chris Totten wanted to expand a previous project he and some students used to learn the Unity game engine and so recruited some indie game developer friends for the project. The result is a game that blends the resource management of previous travel/management games like Oregon Trail and The Men Who Wear Many Hats's Organ Trail with looting mechanics found in many modern dungeon-crawling games. This project has helped several of its team members get work in AAA game studios, write design books, and found their own studios. Every time they're returned, the team brings new features like procedural level generation, comic book-inspired art styles, and darkly comic voice-acting.


  • Choose your vehicle: the nimble 4-Wheel Rocket, the balanced Grave Digger school bus, and the powerful Ark tractor-trailer.
  • Keep your team of travelers healthy and happy. Each has their own job that will help the party along their journey: firearm expert, melee expert, paramedic, and mechanic. Lose one and you'll be limping down the road!
  • Loot randomly generated 3D cities for supplies and weapons. Get in and out quickly or you will face the horde (and maybe join them.)
  • A vast arsenal of weapons including revolvers, tactical shotguns, field hockey sticks and katanas will enable your players to survive and thwack Zombies!
  • A darkly comedic storyline featuring voice-acted radio shows.
  • Keep your senses about you and your ear to the ground: Ambient sound changes when you're being hunted.


Coming soon trailer YouTube

MAGFest 2016 video YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Indie game in development: Most promising pick, Jan 7, 2018" PCGamesN.com
  • "Official selection: Artscape 2016" Baltimore, MD, July 2016
  • "MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase inductee, 2016" National Harbor, MD, February 2016
  • "Included in the Smithsonian American Art Museum Indie Arcade 2014" Washington, DC, December 2015
  • "Official selection: Artscape 2014" Baltimore, MD, July 2014

Selected Articles

  • "There's still a lot of fun strategic and tactical decisions to be made in a world overrun by the undead."
    - Dominic Tarason, PCGamesN
  • "What if you took The Oregon Trail and threw zombies into the picture? That's what Pie for Breakfast Studios have done with Dead Man's Trail."
    - Pat Torfe, Bloody Disgusting
  • "You should keep an eager eye out for [Dead Man's Trail]"
    - Chris Priestman, PocketGamer

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About Pie For Breakfast Studios

Pie For Breakfast Studios is a Northeast Ohio game development studio and advocacy organization run by game design teacher and author Christopher Totten creating experimental projects "for the good of games." The studio creates digital and non-digital game projects and is part of Pie for Breakfast, LLC, whose services include working with museums and cultural institutions to create events celebrating the artistic achievements of the game industry.

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Dead Man's Trail Credits

Chris Totten
Art director, artist, animator, producer, occasional voice actor

Taro Omiya
Gameplay Programmer

Alex Estep
2D/3D Artist

Chris Kukla

Doug Podesta
Gameplay programmer

Melissa Manlutac
UI Artist, Freelancer

Michael Kenderian
Environment Art Contributor

Chris Magher
2D/Concept Artist

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