Pie for Breakfast, LLC is your connection to experienced game developers and game design instructors. We have experience teaching game making to learners from age 8 to adults via workshops and after school programs. 

Need less direct educational content? We can also author white papers, booklets, or other materials to inform your stakeholders about a variety of game design and industry topics. 

Here are some of our services:

Game development workshops

As game developers ourselves, we have years of experience making games and want to share our abilities with you! We offer instruction in:

  • Tabletop (board and card) game design
  • Serious (non-entertainment) game design
  • Game project management
  • Level and environment design
  • Social media for game developers
  • Game making software
    • Photoshop for concept art and 2D game art
    • Pixel art
    • 3D modeling 
    • 2D game creation
    • 3D game making in Unity

Appearances and lectures

Don’t need a whole workshop? We’re happy to make appearances to talk about games, game design, the game industry, and a bunch of other game related topics to your students, clients, or employees. 

Educational game documents 

Need to explain this whole game thing to a client but don’t know where to start your research? We’ve got you covered! We can create clear and concise content to get your stakeholders up to speed on game-related topics and deliver it in the form of white papers, web copy, brochures, or other media. 

Some of our favorite topics include:

  • Game industry overviews and trends
  • Serious games
  • Game development processes
  • Games in education
  • Independent games and game communities