Pie for Breakfast, LLC is a premiere game event planning company specializing in bringing together institutions with game communities. We help clients plan everything from small events with 50 attendees to public showcases with tens of thousands of attendees. 

Want to hold a game event in your space or have games created for your cause? Here are some of the events we plan: 

Bruce Guthrie, 2016, Indie Arcade, Smithsonian American Art Museum

 Game Arcade Showcases

Video games are a surefire crowd attractor and we can advise your institution on how to set up your own public game events. We help you determine the size and scope of your event, reach out to game developers, run contests (including managing and judging entries), and assist with on-site logistics. 

 Game Jams

Want developers to make a game about a cause or idea important to you? We help you plan, run on-site logistics, and find developers for 24 and 48-hour game making events – or “game jams.” Partner with us and we can advise on the game jamming process! 

Game Exhibitions

Games are a valuable form of new media and we can assist your institution in curating or displaying them. Whether for a short-term event or long-term installation, we can assist with selection and curation of games.