La Mancha physical game


Includes FREE SHIPPING in the US! Get your physical boxed edition of the award-winning La Mancha: the storytelling card game, based on Miguel de Cervantes’s classic Don Quixote! Supports 3-5 players.

Take turns revealing the steps of an epic journey: everything from angry innkeepers to virtuous love interests, and use the cards in your hand to tell stories about how your heroic deeds! The best storytellers earn Treasures that they can use to slay fearsome giants (or are they windmills?) and duel their rivals for knightly glory! Perfect for tabletop aficionados, role-playing enthusiasts, and anyone who loves a good story!


  • Over 30 storytelling scenarios and feats to perform!
  • Compose your own knightly tales with 90 powerful storytelling cards.
  • Woo one of 16 loves, each with special abilities!
  • Wield 50 mighty treasures: weapons, armor, helmets, shields, and steeds.
  • Features hand-painted watercolor artwork! 
  • Printed on high-quality card stock linen-textured card stock!

Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1.5 in